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Meet Korosh

Principal Managing Partner | Luxury Estates Agent

With 24 years in real estate and a robust background in leadership roles, Korosh Morsh brings a deep understanding of the industry and a big picture perspective to the Don Heller Group. He’s a polymath who’s had a hand in projects as an investor, builder, developer, and consultant. And his knack for negotiation makes him the go-to agent for luxury residential buyers and sellers.

To Korosh, real estate has always felt like a natural fit, and he’s parlayed his passion into a career that continues to garner industry accolades. He has owned several successful franchises, and consistently earns top marks for listing value and volume. From his first $100,000 property to multi-million dollar deals, Korosh taps into a knowledge base built on both sides of the bargaining table. 

A born entrepreneur with energy to spare, Korosh has run property management and escrow businesses, and is the founder and CEO of Bracden Capital. He’s continually inspired by the community of innovators and creatives in Los Angeles, and joins his partners in fresh and compelling ventures whenever possible. Korosh’s advice for business success: “Put yourself in a room full of people who are smarter than you.” 

While his personal ethos may be a humble one, Korosh has built a sterling reputation among clients and contemporaries. He’s honest and forthright, and works hard to ensure an efficient and rewarding outcome for every transaction. He knows the personal and emotional stakes of every investment because he’s been there too. With this knowledge, he skillfully guides clients through every aspect of the process. Marketing distinctive homes requires subtlety and specialized resources, and Korosh is dedicated to selecting bespoke tools and technologies that render the greatest results. 

In his decades spanning career, Korosh has played a role in transactions totaling nearly one billion dollars, and he continues to offer valuable consultation to his notable and high net-worth clients throughout Los Angeles and worldwide.

Amidst the excitement of building brands and closing deals, Korosh makes time for play and makes time for family. He’s joyful and genuinely funny, and loves nothing more than spending time with his beautiful wife and energetic kids. He’s a SCUBA enthusiast with a love for travel, and to Korosh, the next big adventure is seeing the world through his children’s eyes.

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