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Marina Del Rey

A vibrant waterfront community known for its stunning marina and coastal elegance.



Welcome to Marina del Rey

Nestled between Venice Beach and Playa del Rey on Los Angeles’ Westside, Marina del Rey is a picturesque coastal community renowned for its scenic marina and vibrant lifestyle.

At the heart of Marina del Rey is its bustling marina, the largest man-made small craft harbor in North America. This charming seaside enclave offers a diverse array of dining options, recreational activities, and entertainment venues, making it a perfect place to live, work, and play.

Originally a salt marsh frequented by duck hunters, the area was transformed into Marina del Rey in the 1960s. The federal government, recognizing the need for a harbor, provided funding, and the marina was officially opened in 1965. This transformation turned it into a thriving marina and residential area, now attracting boating enthusiasts, professionals, and tourists alike, all drawn to its serene waters and scenic beauty. The community is unofficially divided by Via Marina, with the bustling Marina Beach to the south and quieter residential areas to the north.


The Neighbors

Boating enthusiasts, professionals, and tourists.

Marina del Rey’s prime location and marina facilities attract a mix of residents, including young professionals, families, and retirees. Many homes offer waterfront views and easy access to boating and water sports, while luxury apartments and condos cater to those seeking a vibrant, urban lifestyle.


What to Expect

Charming marinas, upscale dining, and endless recreational opportunities.

With its scenic marina, Marina del Rey is a hub for water activities such as sailing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. The area also features stylish restaurants and cafes with waterfront views, chic boutiques, and lively nightlife. It's a community that balances relaxation with excitement, where the sunsets are as celebrated as the latest dining trends.


The Lifestyle

Coastal elegance and active living.

Marina del Rey epitomizes the Southern California lifestyle with its blend of coastal elegance and outdoor activities. Residents enjoy a laid-back yet sophisticated atmosphere, with opportunities for boating, beach volleyball, cycling, and more. The community thrives on a sense of freedom and connection to the ocean.


Unexpected Appeal

A serene escape amidst urban convenience.

Despite its proximity to bustling Los Angeles, Marina del Rey offers a tranquil escape with its beautiful marina, lush parks, and quiet residential streets. Burton Chace Park, with its scenic walking paths and picnic areas, provides a peaceful retreat for residents and visitors alike.


The Market

Luxury waterfront properties and modern high-rises.

Marina del Rey’s real estate market features a mix of luxury waterfront homes, contemporary condominiums, and stylish apartments. Many properties offer stunning views of the marina and easy access to the water, making it a coveted location for those seeking a coastal lifestyle.


You'll Fall In Love With

Breathtaking views and an active, waterfront lifestyle.

Marina del Rey enchants with its stunning marina, vibrant community, and endless recreational opportunities. From the iconic marina to the sandy shores of Marina Beach, this coastal enclave offers a lifestyle that is both dynamic and serene.


Marina del Rey is centrally located between Venice Beach and Playa del Rey, just 4 miles north of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and a few miles south of Santa Monica. It’s a key neighborhood within “Silicon Beach,” home to over 500 technology companies.


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