Our Team is Growing!

Our Team is Growing!

  • Don Heller Group
  • 09/22/21
While The Don Heller Group has been busy making successful deals happen for their clients, the team has been growing!

At the start of 2021, amidst changes in the economy, the world, and the real estate market as a whole, Don Heller set out to build a team to reflect the vision he had for his business and to create a foundation for years to come. Taking his time, Don believed that in order to have a strong, cohesive group, it would take a concerted effort that required patience and the involvement of his existing team members. As a true leader decides, Don made the choice to hone in on people who brought expertise, passion, and a commitment to the work they pursued. 

Ranging from industry veterans to newly licensed agents, with experience in and outside of the real estate industry, Don believed this diversity would be essential for growth and expansion. Today, the Don Heller group includes 4 sales agents, a management team including operations and marketing and a complete support system by the Compass in-house PR and marketing groups. 

Don is happy to present to you The Don Heller Group! Meet the Team!
Don Heller Group
From Left: Lisa Fittipaldi, Sophia Saviss, Don Heller, Bridget Reeves, Jennifer Perez, Noah Bissonette, and Angellina Correa (not pictured)
Sales Team
From Left: Noah Bissonette, Bridget Reeves, Lisa Fittipaldi, Don Heller
Management Team
From Left: Sophia Saviss, Don Heller, Jennifer Perez, Angellina Correa (not pictured)

Don Heller 
Founder | Principal Agent | DRE #01198240

Don Heller entered real estate in 1996 after a 20 year career as an international CEO in the healthcare and computer automation arenas. Don has completed $1.6 billion in sales, using the skills and experiences in his previous career, he has worked with people from around the world coupled with his development experience.
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The Don Heller Group is recognized for their success in selling new developments and luxury real estate in the greater Los Angeles area.