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Podcast: Top Things to Do in Conejo Valley

Podcast: Top Things to Do in Conejo Valley

  • Don Heller Group
  • 01/26/22

Top 5 Things to Do in Westlake Village & Thousand Oaks | Local Realtors Discuss Their Favorites

Local realtors and residents of Westlake Village, CA, Don Heller and Noah Bissonette, discuss their TOP THINGS TO DO in Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks. These suburban cities are located in the Conejo Valley, just outside of Los Angeles.  

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As a resident of Westlake Village for 11+ years, Don Heller - founder of Don Heller Group, appreciates the city for its beautiful scenery, manicured neighborhoods and the community that brings the city to life. While his real estate business is located in Beverly Hills and throughout Greater Los Angeles, Don appreciates the serene escape Westlake Village provides, yet still maintains close proximity to the city. 

Noah Bissonette, an agent with Don Heller Group, has grown up in the area, both attending local schools and the nearby Pepperdine University. In his youth, Noah always wanted to become a realtor and is proud to fulfill that dream by representing his hometown and serving his community. 

This dynamic duo has teamed up to shine a light on their beautiful hometown and show appreciation for the local offerings and businesses that are a special part of their experience in Westlake Village.

Don’s Top 5 Things to Do

  1. Farmers Markets
  2. Cycling in Westlake Neighborhoods
  3. Winetasting - Cielo, Malibu Estate Vineyards
  4. Horseback Riding in Santa Monica Mountains

Noah’s Top 5 Things to Do

  1. Westlake Lake / Lake Sherwood 
  2. Hiking Trails - Wildwood, Malibu Creek State Park
  3. Attending Live Shows at Pacific Arts Plaza / Canyon Club
  4. Oak & Iron - Speakeasy Bar
  5. Visiting the Local Beach & Surfing

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